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Jorge I Ramirez

Could we secure reservations for 2 for February 14, 15 or 16? I am taking my wife to Vienna for Valentine's Day and would very much like us to enjoy the experience of dining in your restaurant.
Thank you

Steven Kaplan

Dear Angelika: This was charmingly laid out in the NY Times. What a unique idea! My wife lived in Vienna for many years and we return periodically including the upcoming April or August. Do you serve an afternoon meal (lunch) or only dinner? What are the hours of service in the afternoon (if available) and the evening? Thank you: Steven Kaplan

barbara balfour

We are looking forward to dining with you in September to celebrate my birthday. Do we need to make reservations now?


I would like to make reservation for Wend. at 8PM...for 3 people

Nica gUtman

We would love to make dinner reservations with you during our trip to Vienna. We are hoping for dinner for two on June 2. I am not sure at what times you do seating, but we prefer a later one if possible. We have heard such wonderful things about the dining experience with you and we hope to be able to make a reservation.

Thank you very much and have a good day

Nan K Lazzaretto

We would love to make dinner reservations! We are hoping for dinner for two on 13 July or 14 July. We have heard wonderful things about the dining experience with you.
with kind regards,
Nan Lazzaretto


I had the inimitable experience of dinner with Angelika, Lukas, and the lovely Gino on 2 June 2008. Let me say without hesitation that if you are even thinking maaaaaybe you should go the Dining Room you should stop thinking and book immediately. It was one of the best dining experiences of my life, and gave me memories I will always treasure. The food was exquisite, and the hospitality was overflowing. I cannot recommend it highly enough--so stop hesitating and make a reservation!

Marina Tsikou

Dear Mrs Angelika Apfelthaler,
I am a journalist from Athens, Greece working for Traveller’s ICONS, an exclusively travel magazine, de luxe edition. I wrote an article on Vienna and featured the Dining Room as one of the best dining options in Vienna. Therefore I would like you to send me high quality images (300 dpi, 28X21 cm) of the placeas soon as possible in order to complete the article the best possible way.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.
Best Regards,

Marina Tsikou


hello there,
I loved your flying apple site and adored your recipes...is the site gone? It keeps coming up with an error - you had an apple cake I loved! Hope your business ventures are going very well.

Christine Le Pottier

Do you have any openings for dinner between May 22 and May 25th?

Thank you,

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